MediaElement 3.1.3 发布,HTML5 音视频解决方案

MediaElement 3.1.3 发布了,MediaElement  是支持 MP4、WebM 和 MP3以及HLS、Dash、YouTube、Facebook、SoundCloud 和其他具有通用 HTML5 MediaElement API 的 HTML5 <audio> 或 <video> 播放器,可在所有浏览器中实现一致的 UI。


  • Fixed typo in in regards of Automatic start
  • Added translation for Polish language
  • Added translation for Russian language
  • Added overlay on iframe renderers to allow triggering mouse/click events properly
  • Fixed issue with inconsistency between MediaElementPlayer and MediaElement instantiations
  • Fixed minor issues with FLV native renderer
  • Fixed typo in pause event not being triggered on Facebook and YouTube renderers
  • Fixed issue on progress feature that caused multiple events being fired incorrectly when clicking on rail
  • Corrected typo in full.js file
  • Several fixes for YouTube renderer
  • Integrated ESLint to verify/fix code with more strict standards
  • Fixed issue with mute/unmute ARIA text
  • Fixed issue with obfuscated URLs or URLs without extension detected in
  • Fixed accessibility issue related to use keyboard in Safari
  • Fixed typo in demo file related to switching to Chinese language and added conditional to disable media URLs on iOS
  • Removed IE8 hacks
  • Cleaned unnecessary code and fixed issue with Vimeo renderer
  • Fixed security issue with Flash by introducing shimScriptAccess configuration element and reading allowScriptAccess flag
  • Added documentation about use of MediaElement with a responsive grid plugin effectively